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Craving criticism.

Tonight, while listening to playlists of design presentations and lectures at conferences I am convinced I will never be able to afford, YouTube autoplayed a video of Khoi Vinh’s presentation at Awwwards in 2017. Titled, “Things We (Don’t) Talk About When We Talk About Design,” he waxes poetic about the bleak reality of criticism (or lack thereof) in our field and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head.

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"The Noble Designer"

As a nonprofit designer, I often feel as though I design on an island. Surrounded by a sea of for-profit creators, I watch as their branding projects and high-value accounts push their careers forward, delivering the same type of content over and over again in an echo-chamber of cubicles. Most of those designers, working in a world of decks and budget line items at least 3x higher than my annual pay, are ignorant to the amazing work being done on little islands like mine where resources and admiration are scarce, but skill is high and the hustle is real.

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