Photo by  Alycia Lovell  for  Lodged Out .

My name is Maren Nelson.

Graphic Designer in Minneapolis, MN

My goal is to make work that solves problems and brings beauty and joy into everyday life.

A former art history major turned communications and marketing maven, I've been known to get weak in the knees in front of old masters, good branding, and the occasional Instagram post. Made of equal parts pragmatism and sass, I take pride in being a mission-based designer and strive to tell meaningful stories through beautiful design. I truly want to create things that make a positive impact on others and the greater community, all while injecting the world with a bit of fun.

With strengths in typography, branding systems, exhibit design, and storytelling, I enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful yet functional pieces. My personal style is heavily influenced by my Nordic roots, 90s nostalgia, analogue texture, and sass. That said, I also understand the great responsibility of caring for and carefully telling someone else's story. If you are looking for an innovative designer to help share your story with the world, let's talk!



Want more info? Resume available here.

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