Work it out.


Creative road blocks need to be worked out and I need to be better at being brave and creating without direction, so tonight I made these weirdos. I’m hoping these unlocked my brain so that I can work through some struggles I’m having with a freelance project—layers on layers of color is not always my default but the stretch feels good. Like doing yoga after a road trip.

The idea of practicing design is surprisingly foreign to me. After years and years of being a musician and dedicating hours a day to mastering clarinet and piano, I’m almost ashamed to say that it didn’t cross my mind to consider dedicating time to “practice” design in the same way. Yes, I get the idea of setting aside time to “free create” but in my mind that was to affect some sort of self-care or to free up space in my mind, and it was almost always going to be put into my schedule around other more pressing parts of my day. Once again, I feel this is another lesson to be learned after finally being released from school.

How I’ve gotten this far without that aha moment is beyond me, but like a lot of other things in my design career, better late than never.