Xcess Addiction Coffee

The goal of this light-hearted project was to design satirical packaging for a k-cup coffee company: Xcess Addiction. K-cups are criticized for being excessive and wasteful and in thinking about excess, I immediately thought of the 80s and 90s—decades defined by both excess and addiction. Expanding on the idea of genre-specific extravagance, I chose to design a literally excessive amount of packaging: two boxes, one carrier, and a belly band all for only eight k-cups.

Leaning into the tropes of the 80s and 90s, the packaging is designed with gradients, brush stroke fonts, inner and outer glows, drop shadows, and early computer graphics—lending itself to the era without directly replicating it. The texture was created using a browser version of every 90s kid’s favorite computer program, Kid Pix. Whenever a customer interacts with the package, they should be bombarded by color and shapes.

Despite an excess of packaging, the product needed to be usable when taken apart. Each roast can stand on its own and provide a complete brand experience with a wrap-around design. While still functional when separated, when together, the complete package provides an overwhelming sense of addictive nostalgia.