Vinyl explorations.

John Wiese, Circle Snare

Despite an increasing digital world, album art continues to hold importance in the modern music industry and pop culture. Not only does the cover set the tone for an entire album, it is a visual representation of the music out in the world.

This was a challenging study using preassigned items to create an abstract texture required for the final design. Charged with using gold paper and staples to create some sort of abstraction, dozens of photographs were taken of mutilated paper scraps and drowned staples.

The resulting album cover is a whitewashed visual depiction of John Wiese's Circle Snare. The sound is filled with raging complexity, yet remains simply exposed and bare noise. Upon first listen, it is hard to pick out individual sounds and instead much of what you hear identifies as white noise.

In that vein, I created a subtle design that appears to blend together. However, with closer inspection, it is revealed that the cover is comprised of layers of texture, muted gold, and grays.