Softly spring.


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It's hard to be inspired by winter when Boston has all your snow and what you're left with is the bitter cold. You would think even a dedicated Minnesotan like myself would be ready for spring at this point, but it's only February and I don't want to get my hopes up. In fact, I always find it a bit confusing in late winter to see the staples of warmer weather greet me when I've just come in from a near-frostbite experience: swimsuit coverups replacing sweaters, Easter eggs and picnic supplies hiding around every corner. Retailers and I clearly have different ideas of February.

That said, it's the small joys that rather than mocking your pain, show you there is light at the end of the icicle-covered tunnel. This tiny floral arrangement at The Copper Hen for example. I can sip my tea in peace, knowing the windchill is -10°F but being reminded that someday a Forsythia will indeed bloom again.

ASIDE: If you are as addicted to brunch and bloody marys as I am, wander down to Eat Street and be prepared to spend your entire morning in lovely lighting eating the loveliest of food at The Copper Hen. You will not regret that decision.