Association of Midwest Museums Identity.

A brand is a total experience. It goes beyond a logo, letterhead, and a few colors to become a visual statement of who you are and what kind of community you want to create. Inspired by the members and the diversity of the museum profession, the Association of Midwest Museums’ brand was developed to tell their story. With vibrant colors, accessible fonts, and a clean structure, the brand represents the AMM mission and energy.


The Association of Midwest Museums is a diverse organization of museum professionals from across eight states. Their members work in a variety of capacities at all types of institutions. This diversity is celebrated by the eight colorful circles (Celebration Circles) preceding the AMM Wordmark. The combination of a friendly serif wordmark with the Celebration Circles makes this logo approachable yet professional, speaking to the greater values and mission of the Association.

The Archer family, a formal yet friendly serif font, was chosen to convey both the professional and approachable side of AMM. Archer is a joyful font and when used to headline text, it sets a tone of enjoyment and inclusivity. Employed for its readability, Gotham Rounded is the everyday font for large amounts of text. It delivers information clearly and in the same spirit as Archer. When used as a pair, the two lock together to create and accessible block of information.

The two color palettes chosen reflect and celebrate the incredible diversity found within the Association of Midwest Museums. With neutrals to carry information and bright colors to organize it, the wide array of colors represent a vibrant and exciting organization.