Women routinely have their lives described to them, their identities handed to them in a package topped with a bow that is strangling their sense of self. brassy is a project that seeks to unpack what womanhood means for female identifying folks and empower women to claim their agency and care for their true selves.

Built on the foundation of my original book, Brassy: an exhibition, this new expansion brings the ideas of self-discovery and womanhood into a public sphere. Where my original printed work was a personal exploration that reflected my own experiences, this digital iteration invites women from all over to ask questions, see through new lenses, and reflect on their own experiences together as part of a greater community.

Through this project, women are able to interact with the brassy platform as well as the ideas and conversations it brings up around womanhood, agency, modern society, self-discovery, and feminism. brassyis now more than a single book, it is a state of mind and a movement.

brassy was created to be a platform for women to hear each other’s stories, explore their identity as a woman, to reflect on the role of women in society, and celebrate our strength and collective power. brassy is dedicated to the care and keeping of all women, regardless of race, anatomy, sexuality, class, geography, or any factors used to divide us. The issues one woman faces is an issue for all women to tackle together. brassy is a community to allow for that kind of collaboration, support, and celebration.

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