Air du Nord

The goal of Air du Nord was to create an airline brand contrary to the standard flying experience—one that is traditionally stressful, unclear, and homogenous. In response to that status quo, I chose to create something whimsical, approachable, and a brand that could make fun of itself.

I explored the user experience as travelers move through airline interactions and immediately thought of those small pieces of collateral that are often overlooked by airlines but essential to customers: boarding passes, drink menus, and air sickness bags.

Starting with the boarding pass, I reworked the convoluted and mechanical current design. By mapping user needs, I minimized distraction and maximized readability.

Moving along the experience, I took a look at in-flight needs and settled on the importance of providing alcohol to stressful travelers. Aside from clear typography, I added snark and sass to let the reader know that Air du Nord understands that flying can be uncomfortable and stressful. This builds compassion and connection.

The final piece of collateral was the air sickness bag. Only used by the occasional traveler, it is a missed opportunity to brand and also connect with a customer already having a terrible flight.

Across the board, this brand takes advantage of underused collateral to build relationships where otherwise frustration could live. Wouldn't you rather fly with Air du Nord?

Images by Maren Nelson. All rights reserved.