reaching the masses

It is now 2017 and countless articles and op-ed pieces have been written about "the importance of social media in our ever-connected world." Yeah, I'm sick of it too.

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, or the next app to come out of Silicon Valley, our not-so-new reality is that we are surrounded by marketing noise on every platform, every moment of every day. Enough has been written about that particular challenge and numerous sources are guaranteed to give you conflicting strategies. The fact is, we don't (and may never) know the best route to navigate a constantly changing environment.

I am of the opinion that in order to be successful online, you must have to have something worth selling and you should never cut corners on visual content. In a climate of swiping left or right, you need to be the best looking post out there.

It is with this philosophy that I create social media content. Whether clients need event announcements, advertisements, or a cover photo, my work is shareable yet beautiful. You don't always need to be loudest in the room, you just have to be the most eloquent.

ABOVE: Social media graphics created for Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church.

ABOVE: Social media graphics created for the Minnesota Association of Museums.